xl cap sciences accueille egalement toute l annee une foule d expositions et d ateliers scientifiques

Cap Sciences Bordeaux Chartrons

2 mins from the hotel

The spirit of discovery

Cap Sciences, situated along the edge of the quays, just 2 minutes from Seeko’o, is organised into a large (650 m2) plateau hosting one major exhibition a year, a 200 m2 plateau for smaller, temporary exhibitions, a « little square for 3 – 6-year-olds » featuring varied exhibitions-entertainment especially designed for younger children, a new Industry & Research Gallery and a media library with books, magazines and multimedia contents for all ages. It also has a publishing division particularly famous for its annual journal « H2O », a journey into the world of science and industry in Aquitaine, with which Cap Sciences masterfully values the fantastic scientific, technical and industrial capacities of the region of Aquitaine.